The first Saluki came into my home on the 24th december 1982, just like a christmas child. It was a small, ten weeks old black-grizzle bitch called FAIZA TAL AMAL (Bahram el Batal x Chaima Tal Amal). It was a pity, that she never could start her show-carrier because of a chip fracture in one of her frontlegs. FAIZA knew how to enjoy life in her own quiet way, she haited every thing which had to do with a hectic atmosphere. So she liked races and coursings best as a spectator. Although FAIZA's father was one of the most successful racingdogs of all times here in Europe, he wasn't able to transmit this to the Tal-Amal F-litter.

In 1985 I got my second Saluki called ISMETH TAL AMAL (Eshkal Tal Amal x Chiri Tal Amal). From ISMETH I learned very fast, what a real Saluki has in his mind: Her favorite activities were several hours lasting trips and to cultivate the international relationship between Switzerland and Austria (I live close to the border). When she went for such a walk, I never knew if she would come back again. I had to pay a lot of fine, because ISMETH had kill game again. ISMETH was a granddaughter of BAHRAM El BATAL. She was really fast on the race track and at the coursings, but she didn't tolerate competitors, for this reason she was not very well seen in these competitions. As ISMETH was never a good show dog I decided to spay her when she was 4 years old, hoping to get her more restful and calm. But no chance, ISMETH was always very enterprising. Despite her excapades she was more then 13 years old when she died.

1989 we decided to have a litter with FAIZA. We wanted to have a new line in our breed and so the father of the M-litter was Multi Ch. INDRA-KHAN SAWAHIN. On the 21th April 1989 the puppies were born. From this litter, with only black-grizzle babies, I kept MAHALI TAL AMAL. She becames later on in her life International/German DWZRV/German VDH-Champion. But MAHALI was not only a very good show dog, she also was an outstanding racing dog. In her life she ran on 65 racings and 30 coursings. In 1992 she became European Racing Champion and she won a lot of prices for beauty and performance in her life. MAHALI was the mother of the TAL AMAL Q-litter. This was the first litter in Switzerland with feathered and smooth puppies. The puppies were born on the 2nd February 1993 (2/2). 3 feathered puppies and one smooth bitch, which I keep for me.

QURAISHIY is not only the most successful TAL AMAL, but also the most successful Saluki out of the Swiss stock. She was VDH-European-Juniorwinner 1984, Lux. Juniorchampion and BOB with 13 months out of 41 Salukis and Vize-World-Juniorwinner 1994. She is International/Italian/Austrian/German DWZRV/German VDH/Luxembourg Champion. Also her brother QASH'AM has successfully been showed, he was World-Juniorwinner 1994 and is now Italian/Austrian/German DWZRV/German VDH Champion.

MAHALI is also the mother of the TAL AMAL V-litter where she was sired by Multi CH. MAZURI SAWAHIN. Known out of this litter are the German DWZRV/German VDH Champions VASARI TAL AMAL and VAYU TAL AMAL.

1997 I imported the american mahogany-colored smooth dog CHUBASCO TAL AMAL TABOO. I was so fascinated by color that I just wanted to have such a dog. But in the beginning it was really hard to show a smooth dog with this color in Europe. Anyway he became in the shortest possible time German DWZRV/German VDH Champion. TABOO has also his racing-license and even if he is not very fast, he is very reliable and would never attack a competitor. With his curious running style he got the nickname kangaroo. TABOO has a really charming character which has convinced several people to become a TABOO-fan.

In 1997 I took over the kennel-name TAL AMAL from Shera Chuat. The following three litters Z - B have grown up in my house. 1998 the Z-litter was born out of Multi CH. QURAISHIY TAL AMAL and Multi CH MAGADHA NABLOES. In this litter were 3 feathered girls, 2 smooth girls and 1 feathered boy. I kept ZAM-SAHI TAL AMAL, one of the smooth girls for me. She is at the time very successful in the show ring. But also her smooth sister ZOSUMY TAL AMAL has a lot of success there.

In march 2000 was born a with great excitement expected only child out of Multi CH. QURAISHIY TAL AMAL and Multi CH. CHUBASCO TAL AMAL TABOO. It's the black/tan bitch A'RAABIY AZAMAH TAL AMAL which is a great gift for my mother, as she was the first person who kept the puppy in hands after the Cesarean.

As planned, in July 2000 my Sweden babies were born. The mother is International/Austrian/German DWZRV/German VDH Champion and VDH European Winner 1998 THAMIIMAH TAL AMAL and the father is Nord. CH. KIRMAN KASSIM. THAMIIMAH had a great litter (2/6), with two boys golden and cream and two black-grizzle, two grey-grizzle and two golden girls. From the pictures I regularly got from her owners I can see that all of them are fine.

Sometimes things change and you have to conform to them. This is the reason why I have decided to take a new direction. This direction implies also a new kennel name:

AL ASMAANII - Salukis    smooth and feathered

for beauty and performance

The breeding of our dogs will follow the same criterions as for the last three litters. The puppies will grow up within the family and I also attach great importance to have friendly and beautiful Salukis which like the race track and the coursing field as well.